Why do we use blockchain for my works?

We use blockchain for my works because it is like a magic safe for my creations. Whenever I create something special, like a painting or sculpture, I want to make sure everyone can see how important it is to me. Blockchain allows me to do this in a really special way.

Imagine that every creation I make is placed in a magical vault called a blockchain. Once it’s there, everyone can see it, but no one can change it. It’s like a special label is put on my work to say “It’s mine and no one else can touch it.”

Using blockchain, I can share my creations with people around the world, and they can see exactly where they came from and how they were made. It’s almost like I’m sharing my ideas and my stories with everyone, and it’s really great, as an artist, to know that my works are safe and everyone can enjoy them.

How do I make blockchain an integral part of my works?

In my phygital works we use blockchain in a very special way. Rather than just using it as a vault to store our creations, we integrate it directly into the art-making process.

When we create a phygital work, we capture the emotional essence of it in the form of digital data and physical data captured on electronic chips. This essence is then encoded in a special format called “emochain” and recorded on the blockchain. This creates a unique digital imprint that represents the emotion captured in our work.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca
See the heart in the blockchain

I created this Emochain, a heart of a Running Man that I recorded in the blockchain.

It can no longer be changed, it exists forever. My paintings of Men Who File integrate an electronic chip connected to this Emochain. The Man Who Files is a work that exists physically and digitally. This is what I call a phygital work.

By using blockchain in this way, we give my works an extra dimension of meaning and value. Not only are they unique artistic expressions, but they also contain an immutable trace of the emotion that inspired them. This allows viewers to interact with our works in a deeper and more meaningful way, exploring the different layers of meaning hidden in each phygital creation.